2019’s best Portable Generators ​for Camping

Camping is fun and that’s what we all agree on. 

But apart from the fun, it is an activity that allows you to be truly with yourself or the ones who are with you, enjoy the moments and make memories in Mother Nature that you are never going to forget.

You can have the chance to know yourself, know your friends, spend some time with your family and bond with the ones you love. 

If we look at it from the perspective of health, you get the chance to breath in fresh air, relax your muscles, proclaim your energy and let your body and soul heal by being in constant contact with nature. 

Although there are countless benefits of camping, but the essence of camping can be ruined due to several problems that campers face. Among those problems, the major and most important one is not having any reliable electricity source around. 

Camping sites are usually far away from normal electricity lines and having extra batteries is not the best way to proceed because you will eventually run out of those spares. 

Also the new trends and the technological era makes it impossible for everyone to live without tech even when they are out camping and to use those products, electricity sources are surely a basic requirement. 

Same goes for the appliances that you have brought with you in your RV or your truck because these appliances are not going to operate on their own.

Also you are going to need light at night to keep the place bright so you can avoid any accidents that might occur due to dark. 

Not everyone can rely on the electricity that is provided by the RV and it sometimes isn’t just enough.

All these problems and requirements call for a solution that cannot just help you out with the electricity problem, but also can save you from the trouble of carrying and caretaking of all those spare batteries for laptops, mobile phones, torches and many more. And that solution is best provided in the form of portable generators for camping

Now you know the solution for the problems, there is another one that you are going to face next and that is finding the best portable generators for camping. 

It is not an easy thing to do because not everyone is sure about how much electricity they are going to use and what kind of portable generator they need. So that is why we are here, presenting you with our top picks for portable generators for camping.

This list would not just save you the trouble of choosing which one is the best but will help you to decide what kind of features you want and what is the best way to proceed. 

Let’s have a look at the list and know further about what we have in the box for you.

1. Champion 2000-Watt Portable Inverter Generator

The first product that we chose for our list of best portable generators for camping is Champion 2000-Watt portable invertor generator. 

This generator has a space saving and stackable design which means that in the hour of need it can be connected to another 2000 watt inverter and increase the output capacity. 

Champion inverter has Smart Economy Mode which is designed specifically to save the electric power by reducing electric load that in turn reduces the fuel consumption and increases the engine life of this generator.

The ability to perform ultra-quite operations is what makes this product more attractive and useful for the customers because noise from generators is something that is equally annoying for everyone and no one wants to spend their money on something that is going to destroy their peace of mind. Noise level of this product if 53dba from the distance of 23ft.

Its cold start technology ensure that the engine will start without any problem even in extreme cold weather and saves you the trouble of going through that difficult process of reviving engine in winter.

This generator is built solely by keeping all the user preferences in mind as it is stackable, space saving, has a smart economy mode and performs all the operations very quietly. It provides clean power for all those electronics that are power sensitive like computers and other sensitive electronics and includes 12V DC outlet along with two 120V 20A household outlets that provide clean electricity.

With 25% load, you can enjoy the run time of up to 9 hours and 30 minutes by using only one gallon of gasoline. So you just have to fill it up once and there is no need to worry about when you will have to wake up again to start the generator. 

It is very lightweight which makes it easy to carry and easy to handle when you are outdoor and the built-in carry handle simply makes it easier.  

Another amazing feature in this product is its optional parallel kit with RV Ready outlet of 30A which can be very useful while camping and can help to boost your output.

Some other perks of buying this champion 2000-watts portable invertor include 3 years limited warranty and life time technical support, which ensure that you will not be left out in open whenever there is a problem.


 ·Smart Economy Mode
·Stackable and space saving
·Ultra-quiet operations
.Run time of up to 9.5 hours
·Cold start technology
·Provides clean power for sensitive electronic equipment
·Easy to carry
·Innovative design


.Requires engine oil almost after every 40-50 hours of usage otherwise it is a great product.

2. Easy Focus Portable Power Station

This 280Wh/ 75000mAh portable power generator is something that can be the best source of power backup for you.  

These generators are more of lithium batteries that are used for backup or on camping ventures for light use like recharging your phones and laptops, lighting a bulb or to support a mini fridge. If you are out camping and you don’t have access to any primary source of electricity, these portable power sources are best suited for those emergency situations.

If you want to use them as your primary source of power, there is the option of using solar panels to charge them while you can use them at the same time. 

There are three different ways in total to charge these power stations. One, as mentioned above, the solar panels, second is car cigarette DC outlet and the third is any AC power source like in your home. So if you are going to use them, the problem of charging is not much of a problem anymore. You can charge them where ever you want, whether you are in your home, in your car or just out in the wilderness connecting with nature.

To supply power, there are several ports that are on this Easy Focus portable generator. The output is provided through 3 DC ports with output of 12V/4A, 1 DC port with output capacity of 24V/ 3A, 1 AC port with output of 110V, 2 USB ports with 5V/ 2.1A and 2 USB QC 3.0 ports. 

By using these ports, you can charge your phone, laptops, portable fans, mini refrigerators, cameras, drones and other small home appliances.

The 300W pure sine wave with intelligent CPU control mode can be used to connect to electrical equipment without any interference. 

The special feature of battery management system makes it more amazing which not only improves battery utilization but undertakes voltage, temperature and current control. This ensures the complete safety of the user and the appliances that are being used.

The perfect design makes it easy to put it even in a backpack and the lightweight makes it easy to carry even when you are planning to go on foot to a different location while camping.


·Easy to charge through three different methods
·Ports to connect with all kind of devices
·Lightweight makes it easy to carry
·Battery management system included
.300W pure sine wave
·CPU control mode
·Digital capacity meter


.Good only as a backup because battery drains so fast when you are using more than one appliances at a time.

3.  Rockpals 250 Watts portable generator

Rockpals 250 Watts portable power station is another power backup source for the individuals who are fun loving.

This portable generator is built by using high capacity lithium power pack which is also very lightweight and reliable. 

Output is provided through 4 DC 12V ports, 2 USB 2.1A ports and 250 watts continuous dual AC output sockets which make it a lot easier to connect any type of chargers and appliances to the portable PowerStation.

Charging mechanism is also very easy and simple and it can be charged by using 50 or 100W solar panel and also by using direct source of electricity or the car cigarette lighter plug. 

Another perk of choosing this product is that it is very quiet and makes no extra sound except the fan that works inside this portable generator. 

It can easily be used with the CPAP and can help you enjoy the sleep without any intervention. 

The built in battery management system used in this power backup device helps you and your devices to be safe by controlling and managing all the voltage operations.

It is also preferred by the individuals who go out camping because it is lightweight and can be carried anywhere without any problem. 

Apart from camping and outdoor using, this is also an excellent choice as a power backup for any emergency situations. Instead of leaving you in the dark, it can help you keep your phone charged and your lights on whenever there is a storm or a tsunami or power breakout due to any other disaster.


·4 DC 12V output ports
·2 USB 2.1A ports
·Can be recharged easily
·Battery management system for user’s safety
·Compatible with 50W and 100W solar panels 
·Easy to travel with


·Shows battery capacity by 5 glowing lights which is confusing at times.

4. Suaoki 400Wh Portable Solar Generator

For the people who are looking for a portable power station that has the capacity to power more than just a phone, laptop or lamp Suaoki 400Wh portable power station is most suitable for them. 

This generator has the ability to provide continuous 300W and 600 W pure sine wave so can be used with most of the home appliances. 

2 DC ports, 4 USB ports, 1 cigarette lighter socket and 1 jump starter port enable it to connect with all the devices from a laptop to refrigerator and can be charged very easily.

For charging, all three methods can be used. You can charge it with a wall socket or by connecting it to a solar panel or car cigarette lighter port. All the cables required to connect with any of these charging sources are available so there is nothing to worry about that end.

It also has a LCD which displays the remaining battery level and amount of battery consumed, charging status and discharging status. 

There are three buttons which enable the user to change the different ways of power supply. 

User safety is ensured by using the battery management system so the amount of current, temperature and voltage is managed properly. 


.Light eight
·Very Quiet
·Pure sine wave is a plus
·BMS for user safety
·All the ports that are required to connect with any device
·LCD for charging and consumption information
Easy to charge


·To charge through solar panels, AC convertor must be off
·Charging time is quite longer as usual

5.Moow Portable Power Generator

If you are looking for a portable power station that is not only good as a backup but ensures that your camping needs would be met properly, The Moow portable Power Generator is the best choice for you.

Its 296Wh capacity ensures that while in wilderness, you are not left out without any power source. It has built in LED lights, so you don’t have to carry any torches or lamps while going out. 

The batteries are made of high quality lithium while the design of the power station is amazing.

It has carrying handles so you avoid any issue while carrying it. Also the weight of around 3.5 kg ensures that you can move along easily while carrying this power station.

For charging, you don’t have to find wall sockets but you can easily charge it by using solar panels. It can also be charged through cigarette lighter port of the any vehicle.

Charging time of this power station on a regular 110V wall socket is around 7 hours while charging time with a car is almost around 3 hours if you are using fast charging mode. After fully charging it once, it can fulfill your basic electricity needs for a whole day.

Output ports are used in this power station to charge your devices or to use the CPAP in case you face difficulties while sleeping. These output ports include 2 AC ports with 110V receptacles, 1 DC port and 4 USB ports.

This power generator ensures user safety by using BMS. 

Overall, it is very practical product with best features, best quality materials and a perfect choice for camping, as a backup, or for using CPAP machine.


·Smart Energy Control technology
·BMS ( battery management system)
·Pure sine wave
·Output ports for every type of device
·Built-in LED lights
·Handles to make carrying easier


·296Wh capacity makes it more of an individual use product and can’t be used when requirements are higher.

6. SUNGZU 1000 watts portable generator power station

For users who are not looking for a simple portable power station but they want it bigger, better and more efficient, this SUNGZU 1010Wh is the most optimal choice for them.

It provides you with 1000 watts pure sine wave AC so you can charge your normal life devices without any worry of voltage issues. So, you can use it while working on the remote projects to charge your devices or for camping and power backup needs.

This product not only fulfills all your camping requirements but has the capacity to support devices and appliances like CPAP, mini refrigerators, projectors and ninja blinders. So, it is not just a portable power station but definitely a better option as a backup power source.

It has two AC outlets generating 1000 and 2000 watts pure sine wave to support all your modern and sophisticated products, 4 USB ports to charge devices like mobile phones and laptops, DC output ports and a car port to power up the in car devices. 

The good thing about this product is that apart from all these features and high capacity, it only weighs 22 LBS so you can carry it around without facing any difficulty.

There are two charging options available which include charging through a wall socket and charging it through the solar panels. In case you can’t make to your home, just connect it with portable solar panels and cross power issues from your problems list. 

This product is designed with a hardware and software protection system, fuse protection and intelligent cooling system to avoid any troubles for the users. 

There is also an LCD on this power station which shows the real time working status of the product and the battery remaining to inform the users about the status.

For a price below $1500, this product is an excellent choice.


·1000 Watts pure sine wave
·1010Wh capacity
·LCD display for real time usage information
·Option to charge two ways
·Availability of ports for all normal life products
·Carrying it is made easier because of keeping it as light weight as it could be.


·Can’t be charged through car port.

7.  Honda EU2200i Super Quiet Portable Generator

Are you more into Portable inverter generators than portable power stations because of your higher power usage and increasing electricity needs? 

This Honda EU2200i can fulfill all your electricity requirements. Either you are looking for portable generator for your camping needs or you require a continuous, reliable and high capacity power source for your family, this inverter generator is a great option for you.

With 2200 Watt and 120 Volt super capacity, it can help you charge all your devices and support most of the home appliances without costing you much.

The Eco throttle system and inverter technology ensures greater fuel efficiency and allows the invertor to work at its best without increasing any fuel consumption and provide you a reliable electricity source as you are sitting in your home. One tank is enough to support you from 4 to 9.6 hours, which certainly depends upon the electricity usage and load on the generator. 

This product can be easily used everywhere whether you are on a camping site or sitting on a sofa in your home. 

It is not just more efficient but is super quiet too. The noise level produced by this Honda designed generator is just between 48 to 57dBA which means that it only produces noise almost as a normal conversation taking place between two people which is way better than majority of the generator models out there in the market.

Another important feature of this generator is that it is stackable, which means that if your power requirements increase due to any emergency, you can connect it with an identical generator and double the power being produced.


· An efficient power source with a larger capacity
· Ports for AC and DC
· Indicators for output, oil and overload
· Circuit protector with a push button
· Eco throttle system
· Invertor
· Noise efficient
· Stackable 


. Do not have LCD display for usage information because light indicators are not enough.

8.  Westinghouse iGen 2200 portable invertor generator

iGen 2200 is more like Honda EU2200i, but with some differentiating features that make it choice of many of the home and outside users and at much lower price. 

Although Honda is reliable and trusted name but in features, iGen2200 is nowhere less than those products and have its own perks.

The first thing available in this Westinghouse iGen 2200 portable invertor is the dependence on gas instead of gasoline. So for the home users who are tired of gasoline can find this product as a way out for them instead of buying a gasoline powered generator and then buying and using the gas kit separately.

This generator has the ability to provide 2200 peak watts which means it can support major appliances and essentials in your home in case you are facing electricity breakdown and blackout issues. 

It is stackable and can be connected to iGen models like iGen 1200, 2200, 2500 and WH2200iXLT to boost up your power needs.

The efficiency mode allows it to work with greater efficiency and on average 1.2 gallons gas tank is enough for 12 hours of usage.

It’s comfortable and user friendly design allows the user to access fuel drain, spark plug, oil reservoir cap and air filter without facing any trouble. Also the AC outlets of 120V and USB ports ensure the connectivity and provide an efficient output source.

It also has the indicator lights for low oil, overload and output which represent what is happening at the moment.

By the Westinghouse Company, the users are provided with three year warranty and life time technical support services which make it an excellent and reliable choice.

An important feature of this model is that it is noise efficient and creates the noise only up to 52dBA which is good. It is not completely quite but not loud either. Overall it is a good bargain for the amount you are going to pay.


· Very economical price
· 2200 Watts peak capacity
· Stackable
· Gas-powered
· Efficiency mode
· 12 hours run time on 1.2 gallons of fuel
· 3 year warranty
· Lifetime technical support


· Like many other models, missing the LCD display of usage information

9.  Pulsar PG 4000iSR Portable inverter generator

PG 4000iSR is a portable invertor generator which has the capacity to produce 3500 running watts and 4000 watts at its peak capacity, which make it a perfect choice for campers who either go in the form of a group or go with their families. 

It is because when you go out with your family, you not just have to fulfill the basic power requirements but got to take care of their comfort, which can require the frequent use of powerful appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners, ovens, TV and many more.

Same is the case if you go in the form of a group. You have more devices to charge and more essentials to use.  

Also, it can be good choice for those who want to have some electricity backup source for their home in situations like frequent blackouts or natural disasters.

This is a Gas powered generator, so it is more economical and is more comfortable for a lot of users especially in cases of home use.

Apart from being capable of handling the electricity requirements, this generator is very fuel efficient. By using 3.4 gallons of fuel at half of its capacity, this one can last up to 15 continuous hours.

A unique and amazing feature in this portable inverter is the option of wireless remote start which works perfectly from 80 meters away, hence provides more convenience and comfort.

Noise level of this generator as per its capacity is very good and is 63 dB. Although it is not completely quite when you are standing near but you can hardly hear any noise when you are 10-15 feet away.

It also provides the users with pure sine waves, making it safer for sensitive products and devices like phones, laptops or CPAP.

This model is also equipped with features like never-flat wheels, extendable handle and is also stackable which present it as an excellent choice product for all kind of users.


· Economy mode
· Wireless remote start feature
· Creates way lesser noise
· Pure sine wave for sensitive products
· Wheels and extendable handle make it easy to carry and travel with
· Parallel capability
· AC, DC ports for connectivity
· Gas powered
· Ability to run continuously for longer times
· Great value for the money


.Not completely quiet.

10.   Atima AY3000i  Portable Inverter Generator (Gas Powered)

The last product on our list of best portable generators for camping is Atima AY3000i portable inverter generator with Yamaha engine and 3000 Watts capacity. 

This invertor generator suitable for using 1300 AV air conditioner, refrigerator, charging devices like laptops and mobiles, ovens and many more at the same time and can handle all the load. 

Yamaha made engine makes this product more competitive and a good choice because these engines are famous for their reliability and low maintenance requirements. 

These generators are designed using the Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) and advanced invertor technology which means that they are not just fuel efficient but provide a constant and reliable flow of current to support all kind of devices.

AY3000i also has the capacity of bearing high starting load so you don’t have to be worried about connecting and disconnecting all of your devices again and again to start your generator and then wait for a few minutes so it can be ready to handle the load. 

For the users who are looking for a power source to fulfill their electricity requirements while camping or to support all the appliances in their RV, this generator is a perfect bidding option. Also you can use it as a backup source for your home or office because it has the capacity to run all the life essentials.

The user convenience was surely kept in mind while designing this generator because it actually is very quiet and the amount of money you pay is not just less than all the similar models out their but is totally worth it.

Also it can be paired with parallel Atima generators to boost up the electricity output. For example if you need like 6000 watts because of increased power requirements, you can simply buy another Atima product and pair it with that, and it will work perfectly.


· Yamaha Engine
· Easy to start and easy to carry
· Economical price than the similar models
· Very quiet
· PWM technology
· Advanced Inverter technology for fuel efficiency
· Ability to handle the load
· Sturdy Design
· Constant power supply 


· No power indicators


Although it was not easy to pick the best portable generators for camping, but we managed to make the list by comparing different features available in these portable generators. 
These features include the feasibility for the user like how easy it is to carry the product or travel with the product, BMS system to save the user from any trouble, Pure sine wave which saves the sensitive devices from constant power fluctuations, reliability of the product, economic mode or eco mode which provides the better fuel efficiency and low maintenance requirements.
 Apart from these features, price has also been considered an important variable in the consideration of this list. Generators that actually provide the best value for the money that the users are going to pay were surely our first choice.
Also we have included both portable power stations and inverter generators because campers usually differ in their need of electricity and power usage.
Some who go alone don’t require much electricity but others who go out with family or group of friends tend to have higher electricity requirements. 
So, this list of best portable generators have all low end, middle end and higher end products which are perfect for every type of usage within their limits and can be chosen on the basis of user requirements. 
Our personal recommendations from all three user ends have been given below. Check them out and do comment your valuable suggestions and concerns if you have any.

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