A skateboard defined as a flat elongated piece of wood which curved at its front and end. It is called the deck of the skateboard. The deck is joined by four small wheels at the bottom, i.e. two in the front and two at the rear. Trucks are used to join the wheels with the deck. The upper part is left plain for the rider to place his/her foot over it. Most of the people use it for regular skating. However, some are professionals at freestyle skateboarding. The wood used in its making is hard enough to lift the weight of a heavy person. Nowadays, electric skateboards also invented with which you don’t have to push yourself through the foot to start skating. That will be done through electric current.


The invention of the skateboard started with attaching the wheels of roller skate to wooden boxes. As time passed, these boxed were replaced by planks. The planks used in the early days had the same appearance as the deck you see in recent days. This gave rise to the brands making sturdy and alluring skateboards. The year 1975 is said to be the revolutionary year for skateboarding. This is because the first-ever skateboarding contest was held in Del Mar, California in 1975. Now skateboarding was considered publicly as a sport, to which many people started participating. People started creating new tricks, techniques, and styles to the newly born sport. 

Skateboarding has reached this height of fame that this sport will have its debut in Olympics 2020 Tokyo, Japan. Both men and women will play this. The names of some participating teams are Australia, United States, Brazil, Japan, Finland, England, etc.


If you are looking forward to mastering the sport of skateboarding. What you need first is high quality and comfortable skateboard, which can let you ride smoothly. We have listed below some best electric skateboards that cost under $500, with their features. So, buy any of them and start your learning from now on. 


This skateboard is designed for professionals only. It is having a very high speed and has an overly powered motor. It can carry heavyweights. 


The highest speed of Huger Tech Travel Electric Skateboard is 20 miles per hour. It can cover a maximum distance of 22 miles in a single charge. Its charging time is 2 hours and 30 minutes. It has headlights, backlights, turn lights, and brake lights.

It can also be connected to mobile via its mobile app. Huger Tech Travel Electric Skateboard is certified for air travelling. It is available in only one colour. The colour is grey-blue. The deck of the skateboard is designed with light grey and dark grey colour. While the wheels of the skateboard are of sky-blue colour.

It has a high-powered motor of 1160 watts. You can ride on hills which have a 20% inclination grade. It is water-resistant. You can also do a reverse movement with this skateboard. Its remote controller has two modes of speed, i.e. slow and fast.


It has a very high speed that is usually used by professionals. Placing different kinds of lights make it easier for others, to understand skateboarder commands in the darkness.


Using it at a very high speed can bring big trouble. The torque of this skateboard is also not proper. You need much practice to learn how to play with this skateboard. It demands high expertise.


The highly powered motor supports the MAXFIND ELECTRIC SKATEBOARD MAX-2. It can lift heavyweights. So that nobody is left behind to enjoy the fun of skateboarding. It can be used for a long period.


The Maxfind Electric Skateboard Max-2 is available in 3 different colours. These colours are named as the orange motor, black single and black motor. Among these, the black motor is pure black, whereas black single has a grey coloured deck with black wheels. However, the orange motor has a black deck with alluring orange wheels. This skateboard can carry weight up to 265lbs.

It has a 1000-watt motor which has a super-fast speed of 23 miles per hour. so has a max range of 18.6 miles. and also has both options for starting it, i.e. by digitally as well as manually using your foot. Noteworthy, it comes with wireless remote control. The remote control consists of two modes of speed, i.e. High and slow. You can also change the direction of the board as well as put brakes through it.

The battery of the remote controller is made of LG lithium, with a capacity of 400 mAh. It is fully charged in almost 2 hours.

The skateboard is long-lasting as it is made up of Fiberglass material. Also, its shape makes the rider’s ride cosier. The high-powered motor makes it easier for the rider to ride up to the slopes without any problem or hindrance. It can climb to slopes with an angle up to 30 degrees. 

Moreover, Maxfind Electric Skateboard comes with a fantastic warranty of 6 months. In case of any defect, you can call the company for possible solutions or the exchange of the product. Its package consists of a daily maintenance tool so you can keep it alive for a very long time.


This skateboard is very comfortable not only for open roads but also when you are riding slope. The highly powered motor makes your ride the safest one. Also, the digital brakes work correctly, and they will never delay your order.


Skatebolt Electric Skateboard Longboard S3 New Breeze provides changeable motor wheels. You can change them quickly and have them completely fixed if they are damaged without changing the whole motor. So, now you can enjoy a fantastic daily ride.


It has a high speed of 19 miles per hour. Moreover, its range is 14 miles maximum. It comes in only one colour that is blue-grey. The wheels are of blue colour while the deck is of grey colour. The deck of S3 new breeze is constructed with 8 layers Canadian maple. This makes it highly enduring the weight. It can lift to 280lbs and will move with the original speed. If your wheels are damaged after a long time. You can easily replace them without changing the motor. Its motor is powered with 500 Watts, with 5000mAh of battery time.

Its remote control consists of various operations. This includes direction indicator, brakes and two speed modes (i.e. high and low). That has a lithium battery that has a capacity of 180 mAh. It takes almost two hours to get fully charged. It contains a daily maintenance tool in the packaging with a wireless remote controller adapter and charger.


It is perfect for people who are a beginner at skateboarding. Also, it is highly recommended for school-going children. It can easily carry heavyweight people without affecting the speed. Moreover, its balance is very appreciable.


It will not give you a perfect result when it comes to slopes. Also, the remote controller is slow in responding. You can face injuries while applying brakes as they don’t work so properly. The battery stamina of the board is not good enough. The fixation of various parts is not found up to the mark (i.e. very loosely fitted).


This skateboard is specially designed for kids and women. It is lightweight so that women and kids can easily carry it. The high speed of the skateboard will make you feel a professional skateboarder even if you are just a beginner. 


It has a maximum high speed of 14 miles per hour, with a max range of 8 miles. As it is mainly designed for women and kids, the weight of the skateboard is kept the light. So, it is easier for them to carry it. The most interesting feature out of all is that it is water-resistant. You can enjoy rides in rainy weather as well. This board can lift the weight of almost 132lbs, which is ideal for women and kids. You can also take them with you on aeroplanes.

Its remote control gives two options of speed, i.e. fast speed and slow speed. The power of the skateboard motor is 500 watts. It is available in two colours. These colours are black and pink. Black gives an elegant look to boys. While pink is a forever favourite colour for girls. The skate gets fully charged within 80 minutes.


The light weightiness of the project is its primary reason for likeness. It can be easily lifted by kids and women anywhere by themselves, without causing them any back pain. In comparison to other skateboards remote controllers, it has high-speed charging. Moreover, it is water-resistant. This lets the user free to enjoy any weather over their skateboard. Moreover, lastly, it is allowed to be taken in air travel. Almost none of the skates are allowed to be taken except the Maxfind Max C Mini Electric Skateboard.


Its deck can be damaged if used by heavyweight people weighing above 60kg.


This hardcore skateboard is reliable for heavyweight people. The wood used in its making its deck is very sturdy. You can quickly climb to the inclined roads through it.


YWS Bamboo Electric Skateboard is made of bamboo and 7 layers of maple wood. It has an overly powered dual motor of 600 watts each. So this motor makes it very easy for the rider to climb up to the inclined hills. It has a maximum range of 18 miles. The highest speed it can attain is 35 kilometre per hour. It can lift heavy weights without any difficulty. The motor of the board is vibration resistant.

It has a very stylish design which is very different from common skateboards. Furthermore, it is available in only one colour, i.e. grey. The top of the deck is of dull matt grey colour, i.e. the emery paper layer. The emery paper increases the controllability level of the skateboard as it reduces slips. While its bottom gives a classic wooden look. The wheels are of jet-black colour which is to the right front and back of the skateboard.

Its Bluetooth remote controller has four riding modes. These riding modes are made on the basis of the speed of the board. This makes it unchallenging for the rider to control speed. Not only waterproof, but it is also dustproof. You can clean it very easily without any difficulty. With YWS Bamboo Electric Skateboard you can have safe night rides. This is because it has the best headlights. Also, it has LED lights on its remote controller. 


The broad surface of the skateboard makes it a piece of cake for the rider to maintain the balance throughout the ride. The deck is so strong that jumping over it won’t cause any damage to it. Usually, skateboards come with only two-speed modes. However, YWS Bamboo Electric Skateboard comes with four riding modes. Now you can enjoy the rides as beginner, medium, advanced and pro, all of them with a single skateboard. 

As it is dustproof, it will be so uncomplicated to retain its cleanliness. Also, its ability to be vibration resistant will never hurt your back. You can enjoy best night rides with amazing headlights and remote controller lights provided in the set.


Made for long-range riders, this is Huger Tech Racer Electric Longboard Skateboard. The broader and longer deck makes it easy for the rider to place their legs comfortably. The LED lights effects make the product look more astonishing.


The Huger Tech Racer Electric Longboard Skateboard is available in one colour only, i.e. grey-blue. The wheels are of sky-blue colour, and the deck is of grey colour. It has a powerful dual-motor of 200 watts, which is capable of making your ride’s range 18 miles long.

Its top speed is 40 kilometre per hour. The weight of the skateboard is 7.2 kilograms with a charge time of 3 hours. The deck of the board is 38.5 inches long and 8.75 inches wide, made of maple. Apart from the Bluetooth remote controller, its mobile app is also available.

You can control the lightening of the board and different other features through the mobile app. It can quickly climb to the hill with a 25 % inclination grade. It is water-resistant. To make this skateboard approved for air travel you have to remove the battery if it is more significant than 160wh. The feature of regenerative breaks and swappable/removable battery is also available.

It has LED lights that indicate various movements of the board. These include turning lights, headlights, backlights, and brake lights. Reverse movement can also be done.


Inclination grade of the skateboard id perfect. The length of the board is ideal for many people. The removable battery option is available in very rare skateboards. Advanced riders love its high speed.


It is compulsory to remove any battery higher than 160w to make it flight compatible. The weight of the board is a little too heavy than the other boards.


Juane Electric Skateboard is available in fascinating colours. It is specially designed for teenagers, kids, and people who are beginners in skateboarding.


It is available in three different colours of wheels, i.e. red, black and orange. The deck colour is black in all three varieties. It is made of 7 layers of maple wood. It can cover 10 miles of distance when fully charged. Its maximum speed is 20 km per hour. The charging time of the skateboard is 2 hours. The brushless hub motor is 250 watts. This skateboard can also be used manually. The board can lift weight up to 286.6lbs. The battery of the board is made of lithium with 2200 mAh battery power.

It has a stylish remote controller. A ring is made on it, so it is very comfortable for the rider to hold and use it. It has functioned for switching on and off the controller, charging, direction button, speed switch and starts and brake button. The weight of the board is 5 kg.


It is highly recommended for beginners. Many options are given so you can have a cosy ride. It can lift a sufficient level as it is made for teenagers and kids. Working on the remote controller is very efficient and smooth. It is highly durable.


The range and speed of the skateboard are very less. Not suggested if you are a professional rider. Not eligible for night rides, as there are no lightening effects anywhere in the set.

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