‘Crossfire’ was produced by the same authors who brought you ‘The Responder’ and ‘The Salisbury Poisonings’ and was written by ‘Apple Tree Yard’ author Louise Doughty. Jo, a woman on a family vacation, is portrayed by Keeley Hawes. Her life abruptly changes as gunmen start fire, turning a picture-perfect Spanish resort into a nightmare. An emotional, personal, and relatable thriller where regular people are forced to make life-changing decisions in the split second with far-reaching effects long after the immediate danger has passed.


Crossfire Cast :

Keeley Hawes, Lee Ingleby, Daniel Ryan, Josette Simon, Vikash Bhai, Anneika Rose, Noah Leggott, Shalisha James-Davis, Zakiy Jogi, Arjun Subramaniam, Viaan Mayur.

Crossfire Release Date:

 20 September 2022

Language: English
No. of series: 1
Directed by: Tessa Hoffe
Original network: BBC One
Producer:Alex Mercer

Crossfire Trailer :

Crossfire Review :

Hey – do you like corridors? How about frantic whispered conversations? Or mobile phones? If you like any of these – and if you like all of them, hold on to your hat right now – then has the BBC got a treat for you! It’s called Crossfire (BBC One), and it comprises nothing else. About 306 adults (a conservative estimate) and their 854 kids have gone on a dream holiday together to a big hotel in a big resort with a pool and sun and everything.

At first, things look promising for the viewer because one of the couples is Keeley Hawes (as Jo) and Lee Ingleby (as Jason) – who are good actors who wouldn’t choose to appear in anything that is going to be 100% corridors, frantic whispered conversations and mobile phones – and also because Jo is busy sexting someone who is definitely not petulant manbaby Jason. Hurrah, you think. Sexual tension, mind games and psychological wotsits are bound to abound. What a day!

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The ingredients of Crossfire are an all-inclusive buffet of delights. The terrifying prospect of an idyllic Canary Island hotel besieged by determined gunmen with a grudge. A magnificent cast including Keeley Hawes, Josette Simon and Lee Ingleby. A slick three-episode BBC production airing over consecutive nights with the added allure of a binge-it-all-on-iPlayer option.

So when Crossfire opens with a dazed Keeley Hawes voiceover vaguely pontificating about the nonlinear nature of time while we watch her swimming in a luxurious (but mysteriously empty for a massive holiday complex) pool, you can consider it an omen that all is not quite right with this BBC drama. Still, we’re teased with a scene where Keeley Hawes’ character Jo is alone on her hotel room balcony, one minute waving at her son as he dives into the now crowded pool, the next sending mysterious kinky text messages to god-knows-who, then freezing at the sound of gunshots beginning to ring out across the complex before running towards the action. As openings go, it’s satisfyingly gripping.

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