Based on the true incident of a father and son who repair their break on a compelled journey down the Appalachian Trail in search of their cherished lost dog.

dog gone

Dog Gone Cast :

Rob Lowe, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, Johnny Berchtold, Susan Gallagher, Soji Arai, Annabella Didion, Nick Peine, Mezi Atwood, Robert Bryan Davis, Bruce Busta Soscia, Brian Brightman, Rachael Thompson

Dog Gone Release Date :

13 January 2023


Dog Gone Trailer :

Dog Gone Review :

“Dog Gone,” a family flick that offers as much nutrition as a rubber bone, follows the true-life misadventures of a yellow Lab named Gonker in the 1990s. Adopted by a bohemian college senior, Fielding Marshall (Johnny Berchtold), whose irresponsibility is telegraphed by a wardrobe of tie-dye shirts and an accusation that he reeks of patchouli, the pup spends his youth lapping from beer bongs before he’s haplessly unleashed on the Appalachian Trail and disappears.

The dramatic conceit is that this is a tale about two lost souls: the slacker, who begrudgingly comes to respect his uptight father (Rob Lowe) as they walk the trail handing out missing-dog fliers, and the dog, whom the veteran director Stephen Herek (“Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure”) films tiptoeing through the woods under rumbling storm clouds. Give the dog a wig of blond ringlets and he could do a passable lampoon of Lillian Gish.

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