In 1977, Nazi hunters uncovered a group of high-ranking Nazi officials in New York City who were plotting to establish a Fourth Reich in the United States. The hunters aimed to bring the Nazis to justice and prevent them from carrying out their plans for genocide.

Hunters Season 2

Hunters Season 2 Cast :

Logan Lerman, Jerrika Hinton, Lena Olin, Carol Kane, Josh Radnor, Greg Austin, Tiffany Boone, Louis Ozawa, Kate Mulvany, Al Pacino, Dylan Baker, Jeannie Berlin, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Emily Rudd, Udo Kier, Miles G. Jackson, Judd Hirsch, Kenneth Tigar, Sonya Leslie, Tommy Martinez

Hunters Season 2 release Date:

 13 January 2023

Hunters Season 2 Episodes : 8

Genres: Crime Film, Historical Drama, Conspiracy Fiction
Executive producers: Jerry Kupfer, Mark Bianculli, Glenn Kessler
Writers: David Weil, Nikki Toscano, Mark Bianculli, David Rosen

Hunters Season 2 Trailer :

Hunters Season 2 Review :

Hunters is a thrilling, emotional, and humorous blend of fiction and non-fiction that showcases some of the best performances in the industry. The cast, including Al Pacino, Lena Olin, and Carol Kane, deliver powerful and nuanced performances that are sure to leave an impact. Logan Lerman, as Jonah, demonstrates his acting range with a combination of good looks, swagger, and vulnerability. The comedic relief provided by Josh Radnor is perfectly timed and Kate Mulvany’s voice and performance is smooth and buttery. Al Pacino’s portrayal of Meyer is subtle yet commanding, and Lena Olin’s portrayal of a seductive and evil character is unforgettable. Carol Kane and Saul Rubinek add to the humor and poignancy of the story, while Greg Austin and Dylan Baker play chilling and sadistic roles. Jeannie Berlin and Jerrika Hinton also add to the cast’s diversity and strength. Tiffany Boone and Louis Ozawa Changchien also leave a lasting impression with their performances as fierce and powerful members of the Hunters team. With touches reminiscent of Quentin Tarantino’s style, Hunters flows seamlessly between Nazi horrors and biting contemporary commentary, making it a must-watch for fans of violence, justice, friendship, love, family, and revenge. Overall, Hunters deserves five stars for its incredible blend of camp and poetry.

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