A group of criminals on the run from a failed jewelry theft seek refuge in a secluded paradise, where they hold hostages including Alba and Batty. As tensions rise, dark secrets, betrayals, and hidden motives are revealed, leading to a deadly outcome for all involved.

Leopard Skin

Leopard Skin Cast :

Carla Gugino, Ana de la Reguera, Gaite Jansen, Amelia Eve, Gentry White, Nora Arnezeder, Margot Bingham, Philip Winchester, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Lexi Wilson, KC Jeronimo, Nicole Trunfio, Paloma, Julie Wier, Cassie Courtney, Gabriela Vera, Paola Fix, Katie Olsen, Song Faulkner


Leopard Skin Release Date :

17 November 2022


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Leopard Skin Review :

Playa Perdida, Mexico. Alba Fontana (Carla Gugino) lives at the sprawling estate, which belonged to her late former husband, millionaire playboy Archibaldo de la Colmena. She shares the remote mansion, where there’s no cell service and the landline goes out on a regular basis, with Batty (Gaite Jansen), who at the moment is cleaning the place in anticipation of a dinner party. But she’s not the housekeeper; the previous housekeeper, Inocencia (Ana de la Reguera), was dismissed under mysterious circumstances. No, Batty is Archibaldo’s widow; he married her after divorcing Alba.

As she’s getting ready, though, someone dressed in a paramedic’s uniform comes to the door, but she’s holding a gun. Turns out it’s a team of jewel thieves who need to hold up somewhere while one of the team members recovers from a gunshot wound. We meet this team hours earlier: Malone (Gentry White), Sierra (Nora Arnezeder) and Clover (Margot Bingham). They’re all experienced in their various specialties, but never worked together before. They get the jewels, but something goes wrong when they’re stopped at a checkpoint; the wheelman, Clover, takes off, which is when she got shot.

Despite their warnings, the dinner guests come anyway: Arrogant filmmaker Max (Philip Winchester) and his flibbertigibbet girlfriend Maru (Amelia Eve). In a letter to her mom, she makes Max out to be a great guy who loves her quirks, but in reality Max is a giant asshole. He wants to make a film about Archibaldo, which flummoxes Alba, as she thinks he did nothing worth documenting.

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At a time when so many crime thrillers tend toward the dark, gritty and prestige-minded, Peacock’s Leopard Skin stands out for being none of those things. While its setup sounds typical enough for the genre — a botched heist, terrified hostages, secrets and standoffs and betrayals — its execution proves to be anything but.

Created, written and directed by Sebastian Gutierrez (Jett), this series dances backward and forward in time, taking leisurely detours down semi-random rabbit holes and flights of fancy. It rarely misses an opportunity to admire the beauty of the (frequently unclothed) female form, or to plug into the crackling tension, amorous or otherwise, coursing between its characters. It’s ostensibly a drama, but one studded with oddball jokes.

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