Following an odd fog, the crew of the Kinloch Bravo oil rig is caught in the choppy North Sea waves. They struggle to survive because they can’t get in touch with the coast, their chopper is down, and they don’t have sufficient supplies.

The Rig

The Rig Cast:

Emily Hampshire, Iain Glen, Martin Compston, Mark Bonnar

The Rig Release Date:

 6 January 2023

No. Of Episodes: 6
Directed by: John Strickland; Alex Holmes
Original network: Amazon Prime Video
Producer: Suzanne Reid
Production companies: Wild Mercury Productions, Amazon Studios

The Rig Trailer:

The Rig Review:

It’s hard these days to isolate your characters enough for high drama to play out. You have to rely on uncharged mobile phones, social media refuseniks or go big like The Terror or The North Water did and put your people in ye olde times and a ship and/or polar wasteland. The Rig (Prime Video) does it by putting the protagonists on a North Sea oil rig and having all the comms knocked out by an unknown but rapidly encroaching and possibly supernatural force. As Alwyn, the sage of the crew (Mark Bonnar – so still and unsettling an actor that he amounts almost to a supernatural force himself) puts it: “If you keep punching the Earth, it’s going to punch back.”

The men are looking forward to being helicoptered home at the end of their latest stint – all but young Baz (Calvin Demba), who has been bumped for clever comms person Fulmer (Martin Compston) because the Company wants the latter back for a special meeting. The Us and Them divide is further deepened by rumours that the Company is looking to trim fat and all their jobs are in danger. But their transportation back to shore is diverted at the last minute to help with an incident on another rig and soon trouble is breaking out all over. And that’s before anyone finds out that Fulmer is crossing the Them/Us divide on the regular with the Company’s representative Rose (Schitt’s Creek’s Emily Hampshire, looking uncomfortable in a so far underwritten role.

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The events in “The Rig” are such that it almost looks plausible. This series also offers viewers a glimpse into the future and subtly implies that such an incident cannot be ruled out due to the avarice of large oil corporations which is inversely proportional to the depleting resources of the world. Having said that, based on the three episodes made available by the streaming service, it is safe to say that the happenings on the Kinloch Bravo rig certainly keep you riveted. The conflict among crew members when their allegiances are put to the test provides ample fodder for a compelling drama. We get a glimpse into the crew members’ daily life and gradually get to see how the mysterious events at the rig affect them. It’s an enjoyable ride for viewers to observe the team members and the captain trying to solve the mystery.

The events in the series take place on an oil rig in the North Sea off the coast of Scotland. The Kinloch Bravo oil rig team was about to depart for the mainland when a mysterious fog intervened and played spoilsport after it engulfs the entire oil rig coupled with tremor shocks. The crew’s communication with the outside world is cut off, and now it’s a race against time for the higher-ups at the rig to ensure a safe passage for its crew members. Magnus, the rig’s captain, and Rose, a representative of another energy firm, decide to take responsibility for the crew’s safety. A crew member’s death deepens the mystery even more, and later, more pandemonium ensues when additional crew members fall ill.

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