A young British soldier suffering from depression and PTSD after serving in Afghanistan is given a second chance in the Amazon rainforest when he meets an American biologist and they foster an orphaned baby ocelot together.


Wildcat Cast :

Dante Cueva Altamirano, Cristian De La Cruz, Erick Scott Vargas Laura, Niery Tafur Olortegui, Eduardo Quilca, Roxana Cachique Rengifo, Colette Turner, Harry Turner, Jayden Turner, Mark Turner, Kelly Wicker, Bruce Zwicker, Cole Zwicker, Heidi Zwicker, Kelly Zwicker, Samantha Zwicker

Wildcat Release date: 

21 December 2022

Directors: Melissa Lesh, Trevor Frost
Producers: Melissa Lesh, Trevor Frost, Joshua Altman, Alysa Nahmias
Executive producers: Dan Friedkin, Alexandria Bombach, MORE
Production companies: 30WEST, Unbound Films, Emerging Earth Films, Ajna Films, Harmonium Pictures
Music director: Patrick Jonsson
Cinematography: Melissa Lesh, Trevor Frost, Harry Turner

Wildcat Trailer :

Wildcat Review :

I highly recommend the documentary Wildcat! This incredibly moving and very important documentary takes place in the remote Amazon jungles of Peru. Focused on Harry Turner a former English Army soldier struggling with PTSD & major depression after tours in Afghanistan, and Samantha Zwicker, an intelligent, compassionate, and driven scientist working to help conserve wildlife in one of the harshest areas of the world. Harry and Sam are both incredibly brave, courageous and brutally honest young people struggling with their personal demons while also seeking redemption in their work, not only to do the important work of helping the animals but also themselves. Heartbreaking, yet beautiful, positive and hopeful. A riveting and very moving film that will bring up many strong emotions. Keep your tissues handy! There’s so much for everyone to learn from this incredible film. A must see!!

                                                                                                     By – Emily Standley (Socialbuzzhive Blog)

This documentary popped up onto my recommendation list as I love anything wildlife related. Without giving anything away to anyone who hasn’t watched it, you will be amazed. You’re emotions will be all over the place, quite how that young man managed to say goodbye and leave Keanu is heartbreaking. Just wished they’d have taken a DNA sample and who knows, sometime in the future, they could test wild Ocelots and see is any are decendants of Keanu.

                                                                                                                          By- M S

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